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Business Hosting Plan

The Business hosting plan is suitable for blogs and for all types of business websites. It allows you to host up to 5 domains and to set up unlimited MySQL databases and email addresses.

5 Hosted Domains

The Business plan allows you to host a total of 5 domain names, which is more than enough to manage all your hosting stores from one place hassle-free. This way, if you have more than one site, you can freely transfer it over to our servers.

Real-Time Web Stats

Our live stats will deliver real-time information about your website visitors and traffic straight to your Control Panel’s home page. You will be able to watch visitors interact with your websites in real time and to take measures during peak traffic hours so as to prevent your sites from going offline.

Anti-hack firewall (ModSecurity)

With the Business hosting plan, you can have your website protected from the most common hacker threats by simply hosting it with us. The ModSecurity firewall is enabled by default for each account and it will start protecting your sites as soon as they go live.

1-click web apps installer

The plan features a 1-click web apps installer, which will allow you to install a blog, a CMS, an image gallery or an e-commerce site with just a click. You no longer have to look for the latest version or to deal with installation procedures. Our installer will even create a new database for you automatically.

SQL Databases

You will have up to20 databases at your disposal. They offer unlimited database storage quota, so you will not need to worry about content limitations. The plan also offers 5 PostgreSQL databases for advanced users.

Daily Data Backups

Your websites and databases will be backed up each day automatically. You will be able to access the available backups at any moment and to restore a whole backup, or just a certain part of it (a file, a folder, a database), with a click of the mouse.