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Unlimited Hosted Domains

Тhe Corporate hosting plan supports Unlimited domains, which means that you can host and manage all your sites and projects under one roof. Through the easy-to-use Domain Manager, taking care of all your sites will be really easy.

The Varnish HTTP accelerator

Boost the speed of your content-heavy, high-traffic websites and web applications by using the power of RAM caching. Varnish is capable of serving cached static content really fast, which will result in a 3-to-5-fold speed boost for your sites.

Free VPN access (5 GB)

You can surf the web anonymously by hiding your original address with the help of our VPN service. We offer a choice of VPN servers located around the world, so you can choose your access location. The Corporate plan comes with 5 GB of free monthly VPN traffic.

Unlimited email accounts

Create as many email accounts as your business needs. You can set up a unique email address for each person or team within your company. Custom email filters, email forwarding and adjustable anti-spam protection options will help you better organize and protect all inbound messages.

Unlimited Databases

You can use Unlimited MySQL databases, which gives you the freedom to set up different web applications with different databases without ever having your data mixed up and without having to worry about usage limits.

The ModSecurity Firewall

If you are looking to secure your web apps against hacker attacks, the ModSecurity firewall is here to help you. It scans all incoming requests and blocks those that are malicious automatically. ModSecurity is activated by default for any website hosted with us.